Black Lives Matter, true statement, false movement.

Written by Carlos Ayala

Growing up in Brooklyn,Ny during the crack era was an interesting experience for me. East New York was one of the most dangerous areas to live in at the time. Now, the crack hit all of our neighborhoods, even the white ones. But it seemed to have it’s deadliest effect in my neighborhood. The one with all the Blacks and Latinos. As a so-called “Latino” my experiences were the same as the Blacks. We lived in the same neighborhood, same schools, shopped at the same stores, danced to the same music and we smoked the same crack rock. My Mother was one of these people, she was half black herself, an Afro-Latina. She was a wonderful woman, until the day she met crack cocaine. That drug turned her and everyone else who touched it into a totally different person. She went from honest and hard working to a lying thief who could care less where her children were. My father, of course…absent. So fucking what? I had a step-father. And he liked “the sauce” a little too much. And I sure as fuck ain’t talking about Salsa music either. So my story is almost the same for many in my building. I don’t wish to go into history of my family right now; I’m simply setting you the picture of my experience. So for me, I experienced a lot of Police brutality from NYPD. Growing up, I was subject to searches for no reason, I was provoked into fights by plain clothes cops, I watched my good friend get shot by the Police in a case of mistaken identity. Nice to know, those Police officers are serving and protecting…………………………………………………….. That’s sarcasm, you can’t hear it because I’m typing it. I’ve seen Police dealing for dealers, taking out their rivals; I’ve seen a lot of underhand, dirty shit from a lot of people in my life, in Brooklyn back then; it was both expected and accepted. So I developed a keen sense of reading people because of this environment, as do many others; It’s what they call “Street Smarts”.  The hardest thing to watch was my own Black brothers and Brown brothers in the streets killing each other. Killing each other over the rights of who gets to poison the community for the “man”. Survival is the story for many out on them corners back then, it was a job. It wasn’t no glamorous shit for the hustlers. It was however, for those on the top of the food chain; that is until someone puts a bullet in their head to take their spot. And on and on and on and on it goes. I seen many dead bodies in my lifetime yet, I never signed up to go to war. And let me tell you, those people catching bodies; (slang for killing) most of them wasn’t no Police. That’s real talk right there. Something people from the outside don’t see without a badge on. Back then violence became a thing, the streets became war zones for gladiators. Prisons were like training camps. After awhile the hood became so used to the brutal violence that we started using it as a badge of honor. It wouldn’t take much at certain points for a young man to shoot a young man over something small as a wrong look. It happened like that, killing became a right of passage in the hood almost it seemed. We just sat back and accepted that was our reality.

So what does this have to do with the Black Lives Matter movement?

It has everything to do with it. Because if you gonna name a movement THAT. I expect to see you hold everybody accountable. Yet more Black men are pulling the trigger on Black men than Police. That’s a fact that’s damn near world wide if you want to be completely honest. Brothers are doing the same in Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Central and South America, South Africa, Ethiopia, The Congos,etc.  I mean for real,  in 1994 a tribe of Black men in Rwanda slaughtered over a Million Black men, women and children over really nothing at all. So, making a movement that says “BLACK LIVES MATTER” Makes no sense, when Black men are the ones killing Black men the most. We know this, we also know Black people are capable of living peacefully and successful. So, the problem lies of course in opportunity and environment. If the ghetto wasn’t intentionally flooded with drugs and illegal firearms…we wouldn’t have this problem. Yes genocide at the hands of government is present. But at what extent do you not understand you have the ability to not do these things? I never had to take a life, I simply was smart enough to avoid those situations. I knew who not to hang around, however I was acquainted with many of these people;  But I was never involved in anything that could get me caught up. In fact just associating with the people I grew up with was enough to get me caught up. I just never had the need to flex on people unless it was self defense. I have whooped a lot of asses, but never had to kill nobody. I use my street smarts,  In fact, I’m comfortable in any hood because I know how not to get caught up. W.hen I was a kid and I fought for my respect, I never did it in front of people, I would always catch my enemy alone and then fight them. If they backed down, I made a point and walked away. But for a lot of people in my generation that grew up where I did and similar places, we always had that enviroment just coaxing us to it. When it comes to violent crime, for Latinos and Hispanics we are killing each other as well a lot of us Latinos are Black too, just different cultural background, so we end up against the same odds. Black men, I know the threat for most Black men is other Black men 9 out of 10 times. Racism exists. But sorry Black people, you are racist too. So-Called Latinos, Hispanics, racist too. Asians, yall motherfuckers are surely as racist as the Indians and the Arabs and the Jews as well.  That ‘only whites can be racist’ shit is stupid as fuck and only a dumb-ass could believe that.Let’s be real,  There are more opportunities than ever out there, nobody can hold you back anymore. In fact, at the risk of sounding like a Neo-Nazi conservative, Blacks or Latinos or anyone considered to be a “Minority” (Including Women) are much more likely to be hired than a White male these days. And that’s not xenophobic, racist paranoia either. It is cold hard fact. We don’t see discrimination on the level we did 20-30 years ago. A lot of us remember those days and we have passed that down to our children, so they have the mindset that that’s how it is, regardless to the truth. We see more Black men and Women and more Latinos in Universities and obtaining higher paying jobs. We are advancing, but not because of empty rhetoric, rap music or because of pointless protests. It’s because people who want shit, get shit done. They don’t find excuses they find solutions. And when it comes to Black Lives Matter, It’s senseless to even try to make a case for Police brutality, when most of our neighborhoods are fucked up and our children run wild and we kill each other and shoot the damn place up. We are living like animals, You know it’s the damn truth! And of course not all of us are like that. But we still got a large number of our people acting a damn fool still.  I get we are all frustrated, but damn! Get out there and make things better. It starts with us all individually, you have a choice. If you think you can justify crime to me, yeah…not going to work. I chose not to do crime and I just got a job. If one wasn’t enough I got two. I did what I had to do to make money, but I didn’t do it illegally. Shit, it’s an excuse and a crutch and you white liberals would never understand because you never understood poverty. All of these ANTIFA and white BLM people are from well to do families, and most of them are spoiled brats rebelling against their parents. In a few years if most of them graduate, they will become everything they stood against. And for Black folks that did not come from the “Hood” you don’t get a free pass to say shit because you fail to understand as well. Yes, not every Black or Latino neighborhood is a slum (conservatives). But most slums in most large cities happen to have slums with Blacks and Latinos. And that’s the place where it usually all goes down. Not to say it doesn’t in some Suburbs and Boone-docks. But it goes with the territory. But before you say Black Lives Matter and you’re ready to thrash someone’s small business because you’re a asshole… time a drive by is pulled in the trap..u better do the same to the Traphouse. Oh, but ….but…. yep. Stay the fuck in school.

But now the question becomes solution. What can you do about Police brutality? What can you do about the drugs the guns and the killing being done? Listen folks, this movement isn’t doing anything to solve nothing. All this group does is vent frustrations, causing confusion and only raising more questions. Then with the persuasions of the left wing and the salt in the wounds from the right wing, what you get is a bunch of confused pissed off people. It is my firm belief that the BLM movement and ANTIFA and even the ALT RIGHT are all being controlled by the same people. Their goal is to cause confusion and hopefully get a good enough reaction to justify real oppression. Yeah, the kind of oppression that you cannot even conceive. Or maybe these people are hoping that we will all destroy each other. And if you think that is the solution, then you are part of the problem. Let me break down something to you below….

This is a breakdown of certain groups in our country and the traits they all seem to share

KKK/NEO NAZI /ALT RIGHT                   BLM                                  ANTIFA

  • uses violence and threats to further agenda,
  • claims to be a victim,
  • claims superiority,
  • uses propaganda to recruit,
  • uses flags to represent group,
  • destructive,
  • highly intolerant
  • Violent
  • No intention of dialogue
  • convinced their way is the only way.
  • Are funded secretly or openly by Political advocate groups
  • highly intolerant to those who are not in group,
  • ignorant,
  • hateful,
  • uses misinformation to further agendas

See the pattern? On the surface all are different groups right? Maybe not so different after all. Seems to me the stupid people are still in control, and aint no President gonna be able to fix it. Empty rhetoric and catch phrases and riots and protests are not going to fix anything either. Stop asking your so-called oppressor for help and just find the means to do it yourself. You’ll get it done a lot faster.




By: Carlos Ayala


Woe to the enemy, the enemy itself lies within. Parallel distances, lead to the same destination. We have seen evil and tyranny in many, and love and acceptance from a few. The views we have politically and intellectually expressed have became the chains of our own enslavement. We have fallen to the irreverent. As childish as a belief in an omnipotent being that controls our fate with the push of a button.  We sing our songs of arrogance. Our knowledge is truth stretched far. We have bled for the ideals of those who will abandon them later. We listen when they rabble on top of soap boxes, singing parables of our lives. Just to make us feel a connection, that was never there. We were lost inside the mythology of wicked men, we were doomed to their destiny. We carry the blood stained banners of history with indoctrinated pride. We are destitute and forever in debt to the diluted spoils of war. For which we are told to sacrifice our lives, in the name of unfulfilled promises. Freedom exists purely as state of mind. What is the meaning of freedom? Does the meaning change to perception? Is there a cost for freedom? And if the cost is your life, where is the freedom in that? We are surely free to perish. If we had any freedom. Death is the only freedom they can not take away from us. For those intellects with minds to change the world. Ask yourself, should we redefine freedom or simply change how it is obtained?


With the huge amass of complaints directed towards the American government since the inception of social media, I am surprised to find that most of these people are entirely ignorant to exactly how their government even works. These are the people of course who submit blind faith into a puppet government and by the sheer definition of Insanity, they keep voting and hoping all their worries will be laid to rest with just the right candidate. Even though It has never worked that way, American’s will give their lives for it. The American Democratic system of voting, The majority rule; Or so one would think. The surprising amount of voters unaware of how a bill becomes law, how the electoral college works and etc. Usually seem to be the first people to fire off patriotic rhetoric in support of death squads they call “The Troops”. Insanity I assure you this madness does not end here. I have debated with many over the internet, in person in school etc. Finding out most have no idea what policies and plans their candidate support and plan to put in motion, nor do they have an idea as to each candidate’s true track record. So of course when election time rolls around these people who have received more money than you ever seen in your life to “Run for President.” And run, they most certainly will. However, all you will hear is what you want to hear. You will hear the same issues being brought up, and bogus and or radical solutions to these problems. You believe it enough to cast your vote in support of this candidate’s presidency. But, will this candidate, like all others fall through on every single promise? Only to make things much worse? Of course. But you say to yourself “this time I have found the one true solution to all of America’s problems…this person is the one!” So you cast your vote, the election is held. What happened? It seemed the guy everyone voted for, did not win the presidency!! People are freaking out, demanding a recount only to find out they have been a done a service by the all American tradition of the Electoral College!! Oh and this was my father’s experience in 2000 when despite the votes, George Bush was elected and Al Gore was not.

For those of you new, I’m doubting you have read this far, because you figured this is hard core truth and you have no desire to learn anything. It’s fine. But if you are still here and have no idea what the Electoral College is, or what they do…here’s a nice little elementary definition.


The United States Electoral College is the institution that elects the President and Vice President of the United  States every four years. Citizens of the United States do not directly elect the president or the vice president; instead, these voters directly elect designated intermediaries called “electors,” who almost always have pledged to vote for particular presidential and vice presidential candidates (though unpledged electorsare possible) and who are themselves selected according to the particular laws of each state. Electors are apportioned to each of the 50 states as well as to the District of Columbia (also known as Washington, D.C.). The number of electors in each state is equal to the number of members of Congress to which the state is entitled,[1] while the Twenty-third Amendment grants the District of Columbia the same number of electors as the least populous state, currently three. Therefore, in total, there are currently 538 electors, corresponding to the 435 members of the House of Representatives and 100 senators, plus the three additional electors from the District of Columbia.


What does that have to do with my father’s bad experience in 2000???

Read on, It gets better.


The elections of 1876, 1888, and 2000 produced an Electoral College winner who did not receive at least a plurality of the nationwide popular vote.[81] In 1824, there were six states in which electors were legislatively appointed, rather than popularly elected, so the true national popular vote is uncertain. When no candidate received a majority of electoral votes in 1824, the election was decided by theHouse of Representatives and so could be considered distinct from the latter three elections in which all of the states had popular selection of electors.[82] The true national popular vote was also uncertain in the1960 election, and the plurality for the winner depends on how votes for Alabama electors are allocated.[83]


Story short, aside from the claims The Electoral College places balancing of the votes is hogwash. Clearly, it has been put there to assure that by default. They will have who they want in office. And they did this 16 years ago with Bush…and we all know what happened there. My point for the post. Voting is bullshit. With the current system in place, there is no power to the people. Democracy is fail when it is still controlled. This is what you call that illusion of freedom. But, What can you do?

The Mental Insanity of Race Mythology

By Eddie Chan & Carlos Ayala



By Carlos Ayala

As an intellectual, one will come across these pseudo intellects from time to time. These people are quite easy to spot for most minds capable of critical thought.

You know these types. Those that spout off hateful rhetoric backed by crypto-mythology devoted to the most trivial trait one could have; the color of one’s skin. Most of these people base all of their thought on the notion that their race is superior to another. In the United States and nations like it, once thrived on the slavery of Black Africans and the slaughter of native people to the lands.As slavery was outlawed, Brutal and sickening measures were taken against the freed slav


es to keep them docile and unfruitful. This continued well into 1970’s at the sacrifice of many to assure that Africans in America would receive the rights granted to them under the constitution. To no success might I add, because those of you who know history know what followed next. Hard drugs were used to disrupt many Black organizations from helping their communities gain power over their destinies in the the United States. Over time things have changed. Segregation is illegal, discrimination is illegal, terms of intimidation towards another race is illegal and all punishable under strict federal guidelines. But to some, these strides in progress to a nation becoming unified is not enough. Some feel threatened due to their statist indoctrinated nature, which include fear being asserted is what prompts white working class to feel defensive as if their security is threatened. This is due to propagandists who believe in racial mythologies trying to sway already overworked, stressed and frustrated working class whites to their agenda. This would lead to an assured vote or financial support.  Some people out there want to wage war. On one hand, you have redneck hillbillies easily scared by the mention of gun control and the threat of financial and social hardships from which they are already familiar with in the working class, we see how the rich elite formed the Tea Party to do just that. Now let’s talk far right extreme. Nazi’s. Some who devote themselves to the racial mythology of the “Aryan Race” which does NOT exist and is a mere wive’s tale made up by the Nazi’s propaganda department. (See Nazi beliefs according to Atlantis) On the other hand, you have the fascist backed Black Nationalist movements and the Communist movements. The Black Nationalist Movement widely known or associated with “Nation Of Islam, The New Black Panther Party) base their beliefs in wild assumptions based upon the race mythology written by the likes of Fard Mohammed or Elijah Muhammed. Who both believed that the black man is superior and that the white race was a scientific experiment gone awry at the hands of “Yacub” … Yes, and their sole belief is that the white race is a race of devils incapable of good and destined to pure evil, citing the history long book of white Nations built on the blood of the conquered. Oh and the Jews too..they hate fact so much. That Malcolm X even had built a friendship with the American Nazi Party as did the rest of the Nation of Islam. The white Aryan super race myth is based on Hitler’s perception of the story of the lost Island of Atlantis.  What’s the point I am making here? This dangerous ideology that one’s race is superior to another leads the grounds to bloodshed. And for today’s NEO Nazi’s and Black Nationalists … that’s ok with them. Despite the fact that no Black Nationalist group has been successful in fulfilling violent threats, they rely merely on propaganda to push agendas. Never mind the fact that just like widely organized religion, the beliefs are not based on any solid facts. But out of all people to have a reason to engage in racial warfare…black people have every right, thus the need for mythology in the black’s struggle for human rights and equality is needed to an extent because if the lack of access to true black history. However, blacks ruled Egypt for 100 years,  but this has no signifigance to myth because it is fact. The rest of their claims that have to do with placing the white man as civilizations antagonist are not without reason, but ultimately fail logic.And any facts used to plead the case for either side, are purely circumstantial and ill founded. As the White Supremacists argue, black people are not human beings…no scientific fact could ever prove that to being even arguably true. Black Nationalists say the same for the whites , they are devils incapable of doing anything but evil. This too can be easily rebuked because it simply not true. Just like religion, a wonderful or sometimes ghastly macabre tale..becomes reality. But why? Well, Because of things that happen to people. The world is a big nasty place, and for us people who don’t believe in violence…or superiority…it’s one big ball of shit. Some people experience racism, or some form of social insecurity. Then one day, some asshole comes along and plays on their insecurities, and frustrations. They cite many quotes, they provide you with the trumped up “truth” (as long as it fits their agenda) they used the truth as a weapon to get you in line. They tell you what you want to hear, they ask you for contributions. They basically take over your life . And by the time you realize you have been had….it’s too late. The damage is done.


By Eddie Chan

Second part of this blog, I was doing a little personal research regarding racial mythology, I came across this page. It was quite a read, and I wasn’t sure if this person was serious or trolling. Unfortunately …. this person was very serious. And I decided to give some answers …

From Diary Of A Negress.

When White Privilege is No Longer Enough: A Simple Message to White People

What can I possibly say to you that hasn’t already been said?

Well, I suppose you could say whatever until the cows came home.

I won’t waste my time with a long drawn out post because we both know that:

A. You won’t listen

Not true at all, I took the time out to read most of your blog. Projecting reactions is something an insecure person would do.

B. You don’t care

Again, you have projected wrong. I care about all people. If I didn’t care I wouldn’t be writing this in response.

C. It’s too late to change anything

You could never have been more wrong about anything in your life. You sound like you let your emotions do your thinking for you. It is never too late to evolve as people. Who are you to say that in 100 years, the world could not be a utopia? If you present q close minded front, how do you expect to make progress…not every white person hates black people and wishes to see their demise. I believe that is a very small group…granted that small group tends to wield most of the power…but it does not mean that can never change. Clearly, you are not much of an optimist.


I know you read my blog. Some of you even write me letters. I speak to you almost daily (you are ALWAYS the instigator). I watch you. I study you. I listen to your conversations when you think I’m not paying attention. I can now hear your thoughts.

Well, that’s just plain bat shit crazy, you expect me to believe that? How is telepathy even possible on the internet??? Don’t you have to have a physical connection at first to achieve telepathic communication with other minds?

( Your Chemtrails, you know…the plane that flies over my farming town… made me sick for awhile with terrible headaches. Then, one night, I had a severe nosebleed. After I recovered, my telepathy got stronger. Your plan backfired. My one good friend went to the ER with the poison milk you feed her in the low-income area she lives in. Now, she told me she can “see” a person’s aura…but I digress)

Oh wow, you have some serious issue with reality. So you’re a superhero? Is this just some silly premise to a comic book?

You’re scared.

Only, because I know many people are stupid enough to believe you.

And you should be.

Not really, stupid people never get very far. First hint at car trouble and it’s game over for awhile.

Your race has completely obliterated everything that Nature stands for and now, finally, you are getting payback for your crimes against huemanity.

Not much for spelling, but ok… you are wrong about everything you just said. First off, whites are not even the majority population. So to have done what you are claiming is impossible. Payback? I wonder who gives to payback to the tribe that slaughtered over a million people in the Rwandan genocide?

2016 will begin like this for you…

  1. Food prices will spike but you get less food stamps (yes, I’m aware you use them more than black people)– Already happening.
  2. Gas will go up–Been happening for quite some time now.
  3. You’ll get laid off from the low paying job you have. –Been happening for past 30 years. And this effects just as many blacks and others as it does whites.
  4. Interest rates will spike- In what exactly? what interest rates and where? you mean Obamacare??So you’re blaming Obama’s white side for that?
  5. You’ll lose your homes at rapid speed– hah! too late for that one as well!! I hope the speed is faster than your economics.
  6. Your diminished credit score will inhibit you from renting an apartment- What? How does that effect white people in general?
  7. Your wife/ husband will become sick and you won’t be able to pay the bills- Well that’s rather rude. You’re quite a cunty broad aren’t ya?
  8. Your car will give out-Smart enough to fix mine.
  9. Your beloved dog will die- Don’t have a dog..or any pets…you weirdo 
  10. Your spouse will die and the life insurance you have won’t cover all of it- You are a sick evil person. This is just childish.
  11. Your son/daughter will become addicted to drugs/ pills-Really? before or after the Lil Wayne concert?
  12. You’ll need medication for anxiety/ depression but won’t be able to afford it- Impossible with medicaid.
  13. Hamburger Helper, Vienna Sausages, Ramen Noodles and water will be your steadfast diet. – And what’s yours? Dicks and nuts?
  14. You’ll develop diabetes- Who won’t?
  15. You’ll have a heart attack and need a coronary bypass graft- yea pretty much so will everyone else.
  16. Your insurance won’t cover the cost- it never does idiot.
  17. You’ll watch as over 10,000 immigrants enter the U.S. and take jobs away from you. -That’s been happening since the 1940’s…good one.
  18. You won’t be able to find ANY job-Who needs to find one? just create one.
  19. The army will reject your son/ daughter for being too fat and covered with tattoos- Plenty of fat army jerks with tatoos
  20. You’ll sell all your furniture/ clothes on Craigslist just to make ends meet: who uses Craigslist anymore?
  21. Black people will begin to REJECT your false friendship-Oh puleeeze.
  22. Your European cousins will want nothing to do with you- My cousins are European?? I thought I was Asian…
  23. Your small businesses will fail- Yea and yours is going so great.
  24. Another false flag will hit you like no other- you’re funny
  25. Martial Law will take effect- You have seen too many youtube videos.
  26. The same white government that protected you will take away your beloved guns- Yea sure, with an executive order!! hahahahahahahahahahaha
  27. Desperation will set in as you realize your skin colour no longer matters-I never thought it did to bein with but ok.
  28. Fear will set in as you realize you are all alone- No, Im quite good. 2016 Has been a great start! I even started this blog!!

Then you’ll begin to commit suicide.-Not likely.


Sounds dire, doesn’t it?

Sounds like you got issues.


But this tiny fragment of what’s to come is just the tip of the iceberg for you. Your pain and suffering has not yet begun.

Well, your blog was close. 

So what is to become of the most illustrious, intelligent, logical race on earth?


Well, Most certainly won’t be wasting time with your rhetoric. I proved my point and then some!!



You are easily the most racist person online I have encountered