Q&A with ANTIFA (Berkley)

By Carlos Ayala


I’m not going to bore you with the tired details of the arrangement. Let’s just say a few ANTIFA members were stoned enough to co-operate with me long enough to conduct this interview.

Warning: A graphic display of stupidity is included in this content. Parental discretion is advised, but If you’re reading this, your parents are either dead or on drugs. So I guess it’s not that big of a deal.


Question #one

How can you explain being an organization against fascism by using fascist tactics? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of your movement?



ANTIFA#1: Well, it seems you think of fascists as people. We do not. We feel the only way to beat a fascist is by being fascists. In the end when we take down fascism, we will restore power to the people and leave the war behind. This is a war to us. We are fighting an enemy called White Supremacy, and his partner in crime; the Patriarchy. That’s how I explain and I think it makes our movement that much more effective.

ANTIFA#2: Are you Jewish?

ANTIFA#3: You straight male cis genders will never understand. We are going to defeat fascism, even if we have to force it on those who don’t want it. Because we know better than them.It is our duty!

My Rebuttal:

To #1. That is the clear definition of fascism and though it may seem like the answer to you, first we have to define what your group considers “fascism” Because like many words, it think the term Fascism itself has taken on new meaning more so with your general group. I think you are confused.

To #2. ...Hmmm. Interesting question……moving on…….and No.

To#3. Ref to rebuttal to #1. Read more than once.


Question #2: Define Fascism.


ANTIFA #1: I know this trick, fine……you got what you want. Fascism is White Supremacy, Gender Oppression, Homo phobia, Racism all in one package that our current government holds into place. The United States of America are fascists. 100% Look at our legal system, look at our law enforcement, look at white priviledge, look at health care. These are held in place by a fascist government. We are doomed if we dont step up and change things. Hitler was a fascist! Bush was a fascist! Trump is the new Hitler! This is why we must take action!!!

ANTIFA#2: Yeah, You didn’t answer my question you Zionist Jew Pig!

ANTIFA#3: Fascism is white supremacy! Cis gender reptilian ran pagan christian society!When Lenin beat Hitler and Musellini, thats when Antifa was born! to fight the system that enslaves us all! Your sandbagging tricks wont stop us!

My Rebuttal:

To #1 You are absolutely confused! I’m curious to who has taught you such nonsense. Fascism is Nationalistic Totalitarian Government. The United States might have people interested in fascism, yet our government is set up mostly socialist. Our legal system compared to many other is quite lenient unless you traffic drugs for someone else than Uncle Sam. Otherwise, it’s pretty fair. Even though some are at social disadvantages, to suggest they are the result of an Fascist government is absurd. And shows your lack of knowledge to the inner workings of our government. And the fact you think you can make it better is ghastly. You have demonstrated ignorance to understanding already, how could you possibly create a better society? White Supremacy is systematic and no-longer openly practiced by the government no matter what your favorite rapper or professor in sandals says. Those involved in those types of ordeals may hold government positions, but cannot over-ride the constitution put in place for all citizens, unless you fit the profile for domestic terrorist to which I might add you do, idiot. The US being one of the only greater super-powers to bear such a fair shot to it’s people. Giving them free-speech and right to protest and make changes to benefit. We have seen our liberties drastically altered, and your lot wishes to take away more. But we still have yet to be entirely enticed into fascism from our government. But surely, you think open end Anarchy and Communism is better? Please….Your entire philosophy entertains fascist ideologies.

To #2: You didn’t answer my question either. And yes, I did answer. Please, stop calling me a Jew.

To#3: Are you sure you’re in college?


Well….that wraps it up for today. They did not take my rebuttal very well. And I am no longer allowed in StarBucks.



Tree-A short Story

By Carlos Ayala

Woe is me, but never fault; for I have grown the tree and found a way up but not down. I scoff at the tree for its brittle structure and inability to support me. I feel the tree tricked me into its embrace. Now at the top, I am restricted by too much fear to escape.  The rain it pours yet the tree fails to produce the leaves to shelter. I curse the rain but to no avail for I know it’s the tree. The wind it howls through the brittle twigs, I curse again and again yet not let up the wind. Swaying from side to side at times at three hundred sixty degrees; I cling to life holding on to the smallest limb of the tree. Alas the time has come and I feel weary enough to forego my fear. I braced my mind for the mere thought of death and clenched my teeth tight enough to crack. I told myself it was a leap of faith that I was just going to have to make. If I didn’t like the results, they would be better than doing nothing. Time passes on and I try convincing myself again; just a quick leap and it’s over no more letting the tree win. The rain came down and the black cloud covered my head, I said “to hell with this shit, I’d rather be dead!”

So with a final saying I overcame my fear and took the leap. I came crashing to the ground on my elbows and knees. I took a look around and realized I could breathe, I could hear I could see! Never more thankful to be alive with glee! I saw a witness and I asked him “Did you see?” I was emphatic and ecstatic at my accomplishment and feat. And the stranger just responded: “Really dude, it wasn’t that big of a deal, the tree was only 6 feet. “

Phunny Pharm, How Healthcare is killing us.

By Eddie Chan 11/13/2016 Revised & Edited  by Carlos Ayala

Pharmaceuticals are killing America. Plain and simple, who gives a fuck about healthcare reform? Our health care industry is a fucking joke! Basically, doctors have became drug dealers! This is right in front of your face, there is no conspiracy theory or hidden agenda. They happily display their intentions in full with everything they do. Pharma companies who have commercials for drugs, doctors who do nothing but prescribe usually harmful medication! No wonder our children are a mess! Autism, ADHD, Asperger’s all of these diseases were manufactured like the many medications they put out for these so called illness. And from experience. As a child, I had a hard time paying attention, but it wasn’t due to the fact I was ill. It was my lack of parents, in fact if it wasn’t for my grandparents I would have had no structure at all. But I was an only child, and I was creative. I loved music and art and anything of that nature, I read a lot of books. I was a lot more advanced than kids my age, I could read at adult levels by the first grade. In third grade I was writing short stories and songs. I had innovative ideas and I thought critically, while other kids were making turkey paintings from their hand-print. I was painting my turkey, I remember it being a fiasco with the art teacher. I said I felt I could do better than tracing my hand. So I did, and it pissed her off. Because even in third grade I was a smart ass and told her if she knew anything about art she wouldn’t be teaching it in a shitty public school. So I was in a bit of trouble, instead of making me face consequences teaching me responsibility. The genius of a school counselor recommended me to a psychiatrist who decided I had a disease called ADHD and I needed drugs. So by the end of my 3rd grade year, I’m wired on amphetamines. Good job on just saying no, which Ironically was a huge slogan at the time thanks to Mrs Bush. I remember doing a “Just say no” march with my class down the street from my school, then shortly after going to the nurses office to receive my daily dose of Ritalin. Fast forward to 5th grade. And my fascination with music and creating my own band and my own comic book hero. A teacher stumbles upon my drawings of my super hero taking out bad guys. This was a good drawing for a 5th grader. I mean I really had those down. It took me weeks to do those. So, along with my comic hero sketches, were lyrics to my metal band I wanted to start. Well, Mr Tight Ass takes a gander and all of a sudden. I’m the Antichrist. So another parent-teacher conference and I end up with another bout of visits to the shrink and now officially possibly the youngest kid on Prozac of all drugs. It wasn’t until I got older that I started to realize the extent of the damage. Damage done by years of taking these mind altering drugs during extremely important brain development years. Giving a young kid Amphetamines to treat hyperactivity? In what fucking world does that make sense? Oh sure, you have a scientific explanation, but is that a valid one? I challenge anybody to come to me with proof that taking drugs like Ritalin or Prozac are not harmful at developing stages of the brain.

But it doesn’t stop with kids does it? No that’s where it begins. Now your kid, has subconsciously formed a habit of dependency on substance. Whoa! So Marijuana isn’t the gateway drug? No, it’s not. Not at all. Because studies show, a majority of addicts actually were prescribed medications such as Prozac, Zoloft,Ritalin,etc as children or adolescents. So our health Care industry is actually prepping our children for a lifetime of drug use. Whether illicit or prescribed. Which brings me to…


Xanax,Hydrocodone,Oxycodone,Fetanyl,Suboxone,Diazepam the list incredibly goes on. But these are some of the most widely prescribed and abused legal drugs out there. These drugs, are highly addictive and harmful to your body. Most of these are used to treat pain, but give the user a pretty nice high. Almost euphoric as described by many users. Seems we have a new Scarface in town. So we hear the horror stories everyday. Chances are, someone in your family takes these medications regularly and abuses them. And this is not no new news by any means. The DEA and the Health Care industry have clashed over this. And these bonehead FEDS think the answer is cracking down. No, the answer is simple. To reform Health Care we are going to have to do more than just fix the financial side. The entire practice should be reformed. We should spend more time on preventive health care and medicines that heal instead of prolong or cause more problems. We should take the dollar out of the equation when it comes to our health, because what could be more valuable than our survival? What is more valuable than life? Nothing on this earth! And it’s sickening. That so few see it that way. That so many agree to a dollar sign being put on their lives. Sure things cost money, but not that much money. If Doctors actually healed it wouldn’t cost that much money and they could still live better than the rest of us. I mean, doesn’t it seem that most of these terminal diseases should have been cured by now with all the money that has been generated and donated towards cure? Are we that naïve not to believe that a cure already has and may have always existed? For just about anything? I am pretty sure there is. But obviously, when money is in the equation it doesn’t take a frontal lobe to figure out that there is absolutely not as much money in the cure, as there is in prolonging the disease and prescribing a shitload of medicines for it.  And one would think they have absolutely no clue to what they are doing, because if u even known someone on a lifetime prescription…you will know the medicines are constantly changed up. Almost every year. Its sick. And yet, people trust them. Obama didn’t ruin Health Care…Greed did. Healthcare was ruined the second money became more important than people’s health. Why do you think so many emigrate to become surgeons and doctors and radiologists? Because America pays top dollar for half of the work, because its damn near a free for all. Establish a clinic and pick through the bones. For those who say, America had the best Health Care in the world. I assure you you are wrong. You are just too medicated on your benzos to realize it. You live in a fantasy, no wonder you people are docile. You take your happy pills and it all goes away, you don’t have to deal with reality. You’re a white collar junkie. And you need to get off the drugs and help build this nation! We need to stand up as a people to Corporate Narco- Health Care. We need to stop pushing Prescriptions and start shaping up and truly healing. If you have any Health Care horror stories feel free to share them, so those dregs whom deem it necessary to defend their drug dealers can feel the Bern. Yeah that’s Irony…gets a little hot.

Pun totally intended. Get your shit together.

The Great Social Whatever…

By Carlos Ayala

Social media may have well done irreparable damage to humanity. I say this not cynically, more alarmed. The sense of entitlement Americans have is astounding when most do nothing to truly deserve such luxuries. (People get rich literally doing nothing in this country, nothing by way of; nothing of solid service or value.)  When in contrast to people from other countries, Americans seem to have the most sense of entitlement. Most Americans by admission are lazy, slow and have very little patience and even less intellect. You will find many Americans base their perception on opinion, rather than fact. Fact or truth is looked upon as the ‘big bring down’ instead of a point of lesson. Attention spans are long enough to garner a paycheck, barely. In the workforce to a major extent, American born workers move at a much slower pace than those of their immigrant counterparts. American workers also have the highest amount of complaints, not because anything may or may not be wrong, in my experience with Americans in the workforce, I notice even the most trivial things become a point for complaint.  Not to take away from the many great achievers that come from this nation, but there has to be some honesty about it. We can no longer coddle the slackers who are now well into their 40’s, or even the slackers that enjoyed the fruits of Union labor force before the ‘Generation X’ers” arrived.  Case in point, we now know it to be fact that the American born workforce is not as strong as represented. We know this because of the major influx of Immigrant labor force both legal and illegal. The Hispanic Immigrant force was one of the strongest forces behind our economic salvage, and yet born Americans complain about jobs being taken, and then delight you to stories of the glorious union days where one could waste away the day and do the most minimal amount of work allowed.  We can no longer accept excuses or shortcomings when it comes to pulling together to make a better place to live. Instead of rolling up sleeves and breaking a sweat, It seems most young Americans would rather resort to having many children in a single parent home to score a big payday at tax time. The same crowd that believes it is their right to a job, or their right to reap the fruits of labor without the labor.  In a productive society, these people are the leeches, that suck dry the resources and contribute nothing back. There is no racial design for this behavior, so if you are thinking of a specific race of people, you can be assured this is erroneous thinking on your behalf. The notion implied is that this form of thinking comes from born Americans in general not matter race or background. The same behavior they learn from their entitled parents they display the same pattern. What if the system was set up to design you this way? Perhaps a people are better controlled the less they know about independence. But from abundance you can select the knowledge. It is right in front of you every day, yet you would believe otherwise because it is instilled in you; the fear, the doubt, the spite, the hate, the anger, the confusion, all emotions stirred by the awful truth.

For at what void awaits the man unsure of his place in the universe? The void of negativity that consumes his soul from within; but from a void, one is not eternally doomed. From ancient geometry we learn the void is only a space of transition. In America we believe in psychology; we excuse our behavior with medical terms, and we accept that in the end we die. However Newtonian Physics teaches us energy is neither created nor is with ending. In a sense, our total being, our life, who we are and what makes us is energy! Our entire central nervous system is a complex electrical system! So what is the point of this? Have I gone off topic? Emphatically I have not! I have directed you to a point where we learn something we might not have known otherwise. You are the most special species on this planet; The human being in all shapes, colors, sizes and forms. Your mind, you can control it. You can choose what you believe and what you do not. You can bury bad habits into your subconscious as well as fear and fallacies. You can learn bad behavior and failure. And you definitely can learn submission, hatred, prejudice and ignorance. But just as you learned it, you can unlearn it and replace it! With more positive traits and habits! How does this apply to American society and it’s plethora of problems? Let’s break it down then. How does a lack of understanding to the human mind and the understanding alike, affect an entire countries populace?


Sad Male Professional - Isolated


  • One who fails to understand their mind and how it works is doomed to manipulation from those who do understand.
  • A poorly trained mind will often wonder, making learning more difficult and decision making poor.
  • Failing to understand how to control the mind, or inability leads to the need of dependence. Negativity is attracted to a chaotic mindset.


So what about the mentally handicapped? How does this apply to them? Well simply put, it doesn’t. There are some people with physical defects that do not allow them lucidity. However, there are exceptions to every rule. When you look at people like Stephen Hawking or many others with disabilities who still demonstrate the power of the human mind are not to be taken lightly. So lack of understanding effects more people than you would think. In fact, I would theorize that it would be a common affliction with most Americans.  Most Americans simply don’t want to know, think they know enough or would not care to know about the mind. Some would rather romanticize delusional fantasies about their existence, unaware of the control they have over it.  The lack of understanding leaves one open to manipulation. Brainwashing is a common term to describe what the American education system represents. Of course we must speak in terms of public education for now; we will deal with private later. In a public school the curriculum is basic, and in a lot of cases “dumb ed” down to assure test scores. In some states they basically just pass students to get them out of class. It still happens and will no matter what laws they have. What is taught in a public school is the bare back basics. However shockingly, not many classes on life skills are taught for fear of bureaucratic backlash. Public schools are more like a prison prep program, where students get used to the idea of being reduced to a statistic. My high school days were filled with kids who would only come to school to show off their clothes. Most of the kids in my high school were affluent in the drug game. Many students would sell drugs and romanticize the gangster lifestyle. There was extreme effort from the faculty to really try to stimulate the minds of the students.Thomas Jefferson High School in Brooklyn, Ny had an excellent faculty and teachers who really worked hard to bring up good students such as myself. . With little mental stimulation, and no solution to poverty; most kids fell back on having to generate income to survive. Many came from single parent households and despite having nothing of value, would maintain an exquisite taste and sense of entitlement. Some would feel so entitled to something; they would use a weapon to take what they wanted from you. This is truth and you can ask anybody from Brooklyn from that era. (However now seems to be gentrified with way too many hipsters for my comfort level.) For me, I was into music and I dabbled in a little street crime myself. Through trial and error, I decided I was too smart to be a street thug and began to assert myself elsewhere. What did it for me was watching what happened to my older brother who belonged to a gang. His friends eventually sold him out, and the ones that didn’t go to jail are almost all dead now 25 years later. I saw my brother take the easy route. He dropped out to deal drugs for a organized street gang. And he ended up spending 15 years in prison and when he got out he was hooked to the drug he used to sell. Ironically this lead to his early death. Now, I learned my lesson before his death; however his example is seen upon many. I decided I wasn’t going to be like them. I said to hell with becoming a product of my environment, I want better! This is primarily because I chose to educate myself, and I consider myself to be exceptional. I always did well in school and with people. I never had bullies and I even knew how to score here and there. I considered myself honest, as I never hurt or stole from anyone.  However, I had a major problem accepting authority. I also had anger and resentment towards the system, because I viewed it as oppressive.



What I did not know at that point in my life as a freshman, was that the ground had been laid for me to follow the steps that the system instilled in me up to this point. As an adolescent, one begins a different kind of programming. In the 1990’s television played a role in this, but more so than that, there was the school routine. The routine consists of stripping you of your individuality and trading it in place for the routine. You are taught mostly biased and totally censored information. When we realize the values and the things being instilled in us at the key ages of mental development is when we come to the conclusion that we become what we learn. In your adolescence you can expect a new awareness; you are taught this awareness is in relation to puberty. However, as we delve deeper into what it is exactly that you become aware of; you begin to see something that actually does not seem so natural. What are the feelings in puberty that effect a decision the most? Is it the body changes; Changes in chemistry? Well, yes and no. We find most flawed decision making and stress in adolescence is due to emotions tied directly to insecurities. No one is more self-conscious and aware than a young American adolescent. The self-image of an adolescent is indeed crucial to their mental state. Degrees of insecurities range from mild to severe due to an overly racially stimulated atmosphere. A young black adolescent may suffer a far more damaging self-image due to systematic racism and harmful stereotypes put in place for oppressive purposes. The point remains to be seen, these mental paradigms that shape us, are conditioned for us then birthed. Only, we fail to understand how the mind works and how to control it. Controlling one’s mind is done through various techniques in which we will explore.  Neurosciences play a huge part in how the mind is controlled and manipulated from outside sources. Charlotte Iserbyt wrote a book in which she described a “dumbing”down of America for Globalist purposes. Alarming information as it remains true, we see the signs everywhere we go. Dumbing down an entire country starts with the school systems and ends with fields of minds to manipulate. The obvious warning signs are the current state of what represents America.  Even more alarming and even brazen, there is technology in the works for direct brain modification. Nano technology and neuro-science shows that people have an idea as to the power of the brain and how to manipulate it mechanically.


“Neuroscience combined with Nano-tech is the next step to complete inferior mind control. We must be our own masters of our domain! You hold a greater power that should never be synthesized. ”

They would have you believe it would take a million scientists to figure out how to control you. Of course one could theorize that the plan is to override your lucid control. But, all they really need is confusion, division and illusion. Through confusion, they cloud your mind and then they begin to fill it with what they want you to learn. In repetition, they teach your subconscious the habits you will form.  With division, they will use whatever ammo needed to drive the wedge between the masses, they will do anything possible to keep people from unity. And with the power of illusion, they will create a safety net for you, of course after they sell you on the idea that you need one to begin with.  What is the purpose of all of this? It’s quite simple and yet it is vastly complex. The simple part being, it is for the good of social order. And it is easier to manage and a lot safer, to keep the people in manageable groups. In order for the capitalistic aspect of America to really work, there has to be people on the lower end of the spectrum who are willing to serve. There has to be people capable of building and maintaining infrastructure. Just as well as we need the innovative thinkers and conglomerates….wait. Do we? Ask yourself now, those fat cats who own conglomerates who own hundreds of wealthy businesses are they contributors or leeches? Well, if they are innovating minds who conspire to further build humanity into great directions, then no. But if they are just swindling, trust fund and inherited soft bottoms, then yes! A leech is a leech, no matter their so called class.  In fact it is not even an opinion, it is solid fact. If one does nothing to contribute to this planet whether grand or trivial; then there is nothing more to be said. Nothing from nothing, comes nothing; this is mathematically true.  Now this is food for thought and part of the lesson. You simply cannot believe that your mind is out of your control. You must be able to analyze your surroundings and situation. You must force out the negative thoughts and self-doubt. America’s potential is unlimited only if the masses were to understand the power of mind; to control and use it as a friend instead of enemy.

“Try not to think of understanding as a ‘mental process’ at all. – For that is the expression which confuses you. (…) In the sense in which there are processes (including mental processes) which are characteristic of understanding, understanding is not a mental process”. (Wittgenstein, 1953, Philosophical Investigations)



Breaking through barriers, what do we mean when we say understanding? To understand is not to think, because understanding comes sort of second nature as a trait. When you have understanding, you have vision. We are beings without limitation when our minds are applied, history has shown us this. One finds themselves in mental turmoil going through the motions in America. For some who understand the mind and how to control it, it seems not so big of a deal. They handle things in a different manner altogether don’t they? They might not even be the smartest people on your block; I bet you would say ‘ignorance is bliss’ to which I say no you’re the one ignorant. What these people have is a sense of understanding. They understand their mind enough to not let a thing get between them & their happiness. “What the hell does that have to do with American society?” you may find yourself asking. Oh you poor, poor soul; why it has everything to do with everything. Much like the saying “a happy worker is a good worker.” I say, “A happy society is a great society!” It all starts with you and me; we must learn different ways to take control of our own lives. In doing this we inspire the people around us to do the same. Sometimes you will have those who challenge you, but those people are easily defeated because they have already envisioned failure for themselves. The change needed begins within, each and every one of us across the planet has this remarkable power; only we are being cleverly distracted, manipulated and dumbed down. In this new age of advancing technology, and will many resources of information. You could say, one can only assume the barriers that once held us will fall beneath our feet. We have the resilient will to persevere; we are the energy, the waves the vibrations of the universe. This is scientific fact, yet not common knowledge.




In human nature it is only through awareness, are people able to correct problems in their lives. They achieve this awareness through understanding. When it becomes a second nature to a being to be aware of the problem, the root of the problem and then steps are made towards solution. Once the solution is found, it is then applied. After the solution is applied, if mathematically correct, the solution will solve the problem and for the human, begins transition. However the trick for ‘Mental Mathematics’ isn’t just finding the solution, it’s applying it in our daily lives. This is the struggle to overcome those negative vibrations buried in our subconscious. When a mental problem is treated like a mathematical one, when the correct steps are made to work to a solution, the results are phenomenal. Doing so myself, I obtained the knowledge that I lacked; in spite of not having the opportunity to join my colleagues in an Ivy League learning environment, I raided the library and found the solutions to my problems. And in applications of my solution I found my life coming together piece by piece. The transitional period was rough; I had times of sacrifice, and implementing corrective self-discipline. I had many times of failure in applying my solutions. In the beginning, the hardest part was fighting that negativity or the feeling of being drained.  Doing so I had to think of it not as a chore, rather as a privilege or challenge; this made it stimulating instead of dreaded. I started exercises and began my own routine of what I considered healthy behavior. I would wake up, stretch and do some small exercises; then I would take care of personal hygiene followed by a light yet nutritional breakfast. When off to work before I arrive, I am repeating in my mind (or out loud alike) as many positive things I can conceive. I tell myself, I assure myself everything is going to be great.  During a work week, any music I listen to is positive, and any negative attitudes are ignored to best of my ability. Monday’s no longer bothered me; Fridays no longer excited me either. Every day was treasured and every moment I spent making money was cherished the same as any other moment. This was me, being happy. And in doing so, I treated other people better. I had a better sense of being, and could think much more clear than in my previous years. Politics failed to enrage me, ignorance only amused me, violence repulsed me and manipulation avoided me.  I used my understanding of the Universe through physics, science, mathematics and experience to transition into a better person. I feel that if this is possible for a person like me, it is easily a remedy for the entire nation, if not the world. It’s more than just feeling good about yourself so you can succeed; it’s about being special and recognizing everyone else is also special. And finding out than an enlightened future where the masses have mastered the mind and understanding that is when we have found paradise. I for one disagree with the ‘Paradise Lost’ theory; I understand great men like Einstein were reclusive and introverted. Their fear of the inferior minded and the violent possibilities that came with those whose intellect was beneath him drove him to constantly seek solitude over socializing. This is erroneous thinking on behalf of Albert Einstein. Perhaps the possibilities would have been greater, imagine what he could have accomplished as a more extroverted being.


Pride, Prejudice & Folly

In more modern times, we find ourselves more dis harmonized than ever socially.  At the same time, we have never been closer to harmony. Yet, There seems to be a disconnection between humans, this being a plethora of divisions. These divisions are negative forces that exist within our universe. They are not aliens, they are not ghosts or whatever you-tube will have you believe. These divisions stem from other human beings. We all know about positive energy and everything that self-righteous, self-help authors have told us in the past. But just as humans are capable of harvesting positive energy, we are also able to do the same with negative energy. Most people, who are polarized negative and have no knowledge or will to change this, are the people who will harvest other’s positive energy. These people usually are called “Bully’s”. What the bully does is they forcefully take what they want. Imagine this on a mental scale of a social level. Imagine possibly there are people who know this and use it against you. Imagine certain powerful and wealthy people do this to you every day. Divide and conquer, that is the strategy that has been used since time in memorial. Those in power plan to stay that way, because rightfully so… they are smarter than you. They understand how to keep the power that they have. They use negative energy to harvest your positive energy using key topics to literally drain you mentally, emotionally and eventually physically.  What are these divisions that cause human beings to disconnect? What are the key ingredients to keep you obedient?

  • Religion (With all of its good, religion often prevents critical thought. Thus, followers adapt a blind faith paradigm in their sub conscious mind. This prevents certain knowledge being perceived as truth; and is perceived as falsehoods, slander or opinion. Religion restricts thought in a manner of discipline, instilling fear of eternal doom for wrongdoings which are described as sin. This also hurts culpability for followers; they learn to blame all of their problems on an entity of pure evil, instead of accepting personal responsibility.)
  • Culture (Again, much like religion and in most cases, culture and religion are almost synonymous with each other in respective ideology. Culture becomes a more exclusive manner of dividing humans into the ‘3 R’s of Culture’ regional, religious, and racial customs. No matter the culture it can be assured they all share the same traits. Traits such as language, Family based morale, religion and lifestyle. Every culture follows the same guidelines; in fact some are either similar or exact opposite. A culture provides mental barriers and in some cases, becomes a way for a person to have a sense of self identification. Rather to my opinion this is a redundancy of humanity. To somehow claim individuality by conforming to a uniform of many who think in unison. Sometimes we do weird things to be “accepted” but at the same time wanting to assert individuality. You’ll find most sports fans also think this way, Call it vicarious living.)
  • Race (Uh oh! The dreaded topic of those with feelings of prejudice in which they fail to understand themselves. Almost every race of people believes their race and their race only is superior. Most people tend to go back to the battle of Black VRS White. When they fail to understand that humans are humans and no race is more superior to the other. There is no evidence on earth to support that any race of people on earth are more genetically superior to another. There are theories; however none that grant any real solid facts. There is proof around the world, which every race of man on this planet has contributed to it greatly. The pyramids were built by the Sub Saharan’s…the people most think have only a history of hardships and slavery. Fortunately for humanity, this is false. Years of propaganda from mostly white sources have brainwashed an entire planet to make you believe otherwise. But as time passes on, and more intelligent minds prevail, we find truth to be the ultimate liberator. Thus, making my statement a complete fact.)
  • Politics (Even more exclusive form of division of the masses. Here we find almost direct manipulation of emotions stemming from the hands of government. In the United States more particularly, the division is based upon complete idiocrasy. Most political agendas are based upon using small truths and big lies to deceive or persuade people to adhere to a certain morale and ideology. In the United States, which relies mostly upon two parties, who campaign with small truths and big lies to deceive voters enough to give people a false sense of hope that things will change for the better. They rarely ever do. What you see here is these politicians and their lobbyists using key topics to drain you of your energy, to make you angry or fearful of a scenario. Often they speak to the subjects that are close to a person’s emotions and fears. They will prey on the insecurities, all for the purpose of swaying you to their agenda. There is no evidence to support that politics do any good for anyone other than a politician. Politicians remain to be seen as the leeches of society that they are.)
  • Ideologies (The ties to politics are usually present within an ideology. For example, the communist Marxist/Lenin driven ideologies are strictly political. Not to demonize any particular ideology, the problem lies within each individual who sheds their humanity to conform to any ideology. Many ideologies lack logic or ration. When logic is not present in a belief, it becomes irrational. Many humans tend to use different political or social ideologies to divide themselves and shut themselves down from communication.)
  • Class (Class division is another form of social exclusion that divides humans on a more gluttonous level. Class division is present even in places where there are no written classes. This is seen even with the Soviet Union; even though they were a fully functional Communist Government, they still had a unwritten form of class division themselves. Speaking on terms of the United States, we have many different class divisions than most. This is because we thrive in a mostly capitalistic economy. Capitalism itself offers a class division structure. However also present, are those unwritten class divisions. There is a division of class between the poor, the middle class, the upper middle class and even the upper class themselves. These mini-class divisions can come from such benign things as sports, abilities, manner of dress, personality, and overall rate of success. Even in a poor neighborhood, exists drug dealers who see more money than most graduates will see in a lifetime. People win the lottery and become overnight millionaires and are treated in a different class. The whole “New money vrs. Old money” concept that actually has basis to this day. Not all wealthy people get along the same. Even they have come across exclusion due to class division at some point in their life. Whether minor on the scale to the exclusion to a man from a poor class, still the fact remains. )
  • Gender (Here is the thing; women are not as powerless as people would have you believe. This is quite the contrary, even in history itself. Much like if you were African-American in America, women are taught they are weaker and almost as if had a handicap. Hidden history reveals women have maintained many positions of power around the world. The fact that gender is brought into equation is because it is another way to attack one’s insecurities. That is not to say that men don’t also have a few burdens to shoulder in this as well. Men are expected to handle everything, and are scrutinized if they fail or fall short of these expectations. Contrary to popular belief, men do actually have emotions. They suppress these emotions because of the paradigms instilled into them from a gender conscious society.)


At what point do we realize our real potential? Do you see the outline I have provided you? I have shown you how you are manipulated daily and yet most of you will shrug this off as mere opinion and disregard the message embedded. Humankind must unite, but it is easier said than done. The only true change in harmony can come when people are willing to forgo the daily ritual of consuming negativity. It is practical and possible to change many of these problems in our societies. We are not on this Earth to suffer; a nihilistic approach to life is the fool’s route to success. We know the folly of fool; we know it well because it is our life story. We try and fail, only why instead of ridicule ourselves for making a mistake, why would we not try to understand it? Because just like in mathematics, when it comes to solving a problem; the mathematician has to possess the understanding. Developing awareness to the problem is the first step; the next would be to analyze the details and to work through to a solution. Rather it has become the trend in American society to take shortcuts and skip the work through part; leaving only loose remedies for situations that require much more.

“My passionate sense of social justice and social responsibility has always

Contrasted oddly with my pronounced freedom from the need for direct

Contact with other human beings and human communities. I gang my own gait

And have never belonged to my country, my home, my friends, or even my

Immediate family, with my whole heart; in the face of all these ties I have never

lost an obstinate sense of detachment, of the need for solitude–a feeling

which increases with the years. One is sharply conscious, yet without regret,

of the limits to the possibility of mutual understanding and sympathy with one’s

fellow-creatures. Such a person no doubt loses something in the way of

geniality and light-heartedness ; on the other hand, he is largely independent of

the opinions, habits, and judgments of his fellows and avoids the temptation to

take his stand on such insecure foundations.”-ALBERT EINSTEIN- The World As I See It