Donald Trump, Holy Sh!t

I gotta say, I don’t tend to ever take sides politically. But this guy is like the Andy Kaufman of POTUS. What in the entire fuck? Sometimes I ask myself the hard questions, such as; did I wake up in a dimension where everybody is completely fucking retarded? Oh, shit…I might have triggered someone. I better check my Male Privilege . Piss on that with a dirty dick, If that’s the worst thing I say on this blog then consider this a light post. I have never in my life seen such a shit-bag of conservative. I mean we’ve all dished at scumbag politicians and said “this guy makes conservatives look bad.” well, in Trump’s case; I think the toupee speaks for itself. As I make my rounds to the news section…I am almost overwhelmed with stories of Trump repeatedly making an ass out of himself and this nation. I am no liberal Kathy Griffin type, I am just more of a guy who calls it how he sees it. Kinda like your unemployed Uncle who is just full of advice, and beer…mostly beer. But forget for a second that you are a Republican, forget supporting your team. Clearly, this guy is the buffoon of idiots. Almost every single decision he makes, causes a chain reaction of fuckery. What in the entire fuck? How is this okay with conservatives? Why are they still treating this man like he knows what he is doing? Do you seriously think you can fix the nation by just being a complete dick about everything? Man seem to think so, so America now all balls and no brains, one has to wonder how this will play out for us normal everyday citizens. Us people who live paycheck to paycheck and work hard to achieve something in this life. Those of us who just want opportunity and a fair shot at it. What will become of us? We have the left radicalizing, we have the Right already there. So is truly the next step a so-called Civil War? Or are we bound to the fate of ISIS and Religious Extremism? It seems almost that we are faced with a “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong” situation. ANTIFA and the ALT RIGHT alike I feel are nothing but mere catalysts and confused youth whom add to the problem. Unfortunately with so much social awareness, little awareness to the government is given. Many are delusional and are fed misinformation. If people knew the power they had and how to exercise it correctly to better benefit. Social justice should be a duty, not a trend or a crusade. It should be upon each of us to take responsibility to how we treat each other. Because when you rely on rhetoric and delusional thinking…you end up with presidents like Trump. So, let’s sit back with a bowl of popcorn and await the next ghastly event.


Author: Carlos Ayala

Writer, Philosophy, Non Fiction, Fiction, Fan Fiction. Screenplay

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