Tree-A short Story

By Carlos Ayala

Woe is me, but never fault; for I have grown the tree and found a way up but not down. I scoff at the tree for its brittle structure and inability to support me. I feel the tree tricked me into its embrace. Now at the top, I am restricted by too much fear to escape.  The rain it pours yet the tree fails to produce the leaves to shelter. I curse the rain but to no avail for I know it’s the tree. The wind it howls through the brittle twigs, I curse again and again yet not let up the wind. Swaying from side to side at times at three hundred sixty degrees; I cling to life holding on to the smallest limb of the tree. Alas the time has come and I feel weary enough to forego my fear. I braced my mind for the mere thought of death and clenched my teeth tight enough to crack. I told myself it was a leap of faith that I was just going to have to make. If I didn’t like the results, they would be better than doing nothing. Time passes on and I try convincing myself again; just a quick leap and it’s over no more letting the tree win. The rain came down and the black cloud covered my head, I said “to hell with this shit, I’d rather be dead!”

So with a final saying I overcame my fear and took the leap. I came crashing to the ground on my elbows and knees. I took a look around and realized I could breathe, I could hear I could see! Never more thankful to be alive with glee! I saw a witness and I asked him “Did you see?” I was emphatic and ecstatic at my accomplishment and feat. And the stranger just responded: “Really dude, it wasn’t that big of a deal, the tree was only 6 feet. “


Author: Carlos Ayala

Writer, Philosophy, Non Fiction, Fiction, Fan Fiction. Screenplay

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