Pride, Prejudice & Folly

In more modern times, we find ourselves more dis harmonized than ever socially.  At the same time, we have never been closer to harmony. Yet, There seems to be a disconnection between humans, this being a plethora of divisions. These divisions are negative forces that exist within our universe. They are not aliens, they are not ghosts or whatever you-tube will have you believe. These divisions stem from other human beings. We all know about positive energy and everything that self-righteous, self-help authors have told us in the past. But just as humans are capable of harvesting positive energy, we are also able to do the same with negative energy. Most people, who are polarized negative and have no knowledge or will to change this, are the people who will harvest other’s positive energy. These people usually are called “Bully’s”. What the bully does is they forcefully take what they want. Imagine this on a mental scale of a social level. Imagine possibly there are people who know this and use it against you. Imagine certain powerful and wealthy people do this to you every day. Divide and conquer, that is the strategy that has been used since time in memorial. Those in power plan to stay that way, because rightfully so… they are smarter than you. They understand how to keep the power that they have. They use negative energy to harvest your positive energy using key topics to literally drain you mentally, emotionally and eventually physically.  What are these divisions that cause human beings to disconnect? What are the key ingredients to keep you obedient?

  • Religion (With all of its good, religion often prevents critical thought. Thus, followers adapt a blind faith paradigm in their sub conscious mind. This prevents certain knowledge being perceived as truth; and is perceived as falsehoods, slander or opinion. Religion restricts thought in a manner of discipline, instilling fear of eternal doom for wrongdoings which are described as sin. This also hurts culpability for followers; they learn to blame all of their problems on an entity of pure evil, instead of accepting personal responsibility.)
  • Culture (Again, much like religion and in most cases, culture and religion are almost synonymous with each other in respective ideology. Culture becomes a more exclusive manner of dividing humans into the ‘3 R’s of Culture’ regional, religious, and racial customs. No matter the culture it can be assured they all share the same traits. Traits such as language, Family based morale, religion and lifestyle. Every culture follows the same guidelines; in fact some are either similar or exact opposite. A culture provides mental barriers and in some cases, becomes a way for a person to have a sense of self identification. Rather to my opinion this is a redundancy of humanity. To somehow claim individuality by conforming to a uniform of many who think in unison. Sometimes we do weird things to be “accepted” but at the same time wanting to assert individuality. You’ll find most sports fans also think this way, Call it vicarious living.)
  • Race (Uh oh! The dreaded topic of those with feelings of prejudice in which they fail to understand themselves. Almost every race of people believes their race and their race only is superior. Most people tend to go back to the battle of Black VRS White. When they fail to understand that humans are humans and no race is more superior to the other. There is no evidence on earth to support that any race of people on earth are more genetically superior to another. There are theories; however none that grant any real solid facts. There is proof around the world, which every race of man on this planet has contributed to it greatly. The pyramids were built by the Sub Saharan’s…the people most think have only a history of hardships and slavery. Fortunately for humanity, this is false. Years of propaganda from mostly white sources have brainwashed an entire planet to make you believe otherwise. But as time passes on, and more intelligent minds prevail, we find truth to be the ultimate liberator. Thus, making my statement a complete fact.)
  • Politics (Even more exclusive form of division of the masses. Here we find almost direct manipulation of emotions stemming from the hands of government. In the United States more particularly, the division is based upon complete idiocrasy. Most political agendas are based upon using small truths and big lies to deceive or persuade people to adhere to a certain morale and ideology. In the United States, which relies mostly upon two parties, who campaign with small truths and big lies to deceive voters enough to give people a false sense of hope that things will change for the better. They rarely ever do. What you see here is these politicians and their lobbyists using key topics to drain you of your energy, to make you angry or fearful of a scenario. Often they speak to the subjects that are close to a person’s emotions and fears. They will prey on the insecurities, all for the purpose of swaying you to their agenda. There is no evidence to support that politics do any good for anyone other than a politician. Politicians remain to be seen as the leeches of society that they are.)
  • Ideologies (The ties to politics are usually present within an ideology. For example, the communist Marxist/Lenin driven ideologies are strictly political. Not to demonize any particular ideology, the problem lies within each individual who sheds their humanity to conform to any ideology. Many ideologies lack logic or ration. When logic is not present in a belief, it becomes irrational. Many humans tend to use different political or social ideologies to divide themselves and shut themselves down from communication.)
  • Class (Class division is another form of social exclusion that divides humans on a more gluttonous level. Class division is present even in places where there are no written classes. This is seen even with the Soviet Union; even though they were a fully functional Communist Government, they still had a unwritten form of class division themselves. Speaking on terms of the United States, we have many different class divisions than most. This is because we thrive in a mostly capitalistic economy. Capitalism itself offers a class division structure. However also present, are those unwritten class divisions. There is a division of class between the poor, the middle class, the upper middle class and even the upper class themselves. These mini-class divisions can come from such benign things as sports, abilities, manner of dress, personality, and overall rate of success. Even in a poor neighborhood, exists drug dealers who see more money than most graduates will see in a lifetime. People win the lottery and become overnight millionaires and are treated in a different class. The whole “New money vrs. Old money” concept that actually has basis to this day. Not all wealthy people get along the same. Even they have come across exclusion due to class division at some point in their life. Whether minor on the scale to the exclusion to a man from a poor class, still the fact remains. )
  • Gender (Here is the thing; women are not as powerless as people would have you believe. This is quite the contrary, even in history itself. Much like if you were African-American in America, women are taught they are weaker and almost as if had a handicap. Hidden history reveals women have maintained many positions of power around the world. The fact that gender is brought into equation is because it is another way to attack one’s insecurities. That is not to say that men don’t also have a few burdens to shoulder in this as well. Men are expected to handle everything, and are scrutinized if they fail or fall short of these expectations. Contrary to popular belief, men do actually have emotions. They suppress these emotions because of the paradigms instilled into them from a gender conscious society.)


At what point do we realize our real potential? Do you see the outline I have provided you? I have shown you how you are manipulated daily and yet most of you will shrug this off as mere opinion and disregard the message embedded. Humankind must unite, but it is easier said than done. The only true change in harmony can come when people are willing to forgo the daily ritual of consuming negativity. It is practical and possible to change many of these problems in our societies. We are not on this Earth to suffer; a nihilistic approach to life is the fool’s route to success. We know the folly of fool; we know it well because it is our life story. We try and fail, only why instead of ridicule ourselves for making a mistake, why would we not try to understand it? Because just like in mathematics, when it comes to solving a problem; the mathematician has to possess the understanding. Developing awareness to the problem is the first step; the next would be to analyze the details and to work through to a solution. Rather it has become the trend in American society to take shortcuts and skip the work through part; leaving only loose remedies for situations that require much more.

“My passionate sense of social justice and social responsibility has always

Contrasted oddly with my pronounced freedom from the need for direct

Contact with other human beings and human communities. I gang my own gait

And have never belonged to my country, my home, my friends, or even my

Immediate family, with my whole heart; in the face of all these ties I have never

lost an obstinate sense of detachment, of the need for solitude–a feeling

which increases with the years. One is sharply conscious, yet without regret,

of the limits to the possibility of mutual understanding and sympathy with one’s

fellow-creatures. Such a person no doubt loses something in the way of

geniality and light-heartedness ; on the other hand, he is largely independent of

the opinions, habits, and judgments of his fellows and avoids the temptation to

take his stand on such insecure foundations.”-ALBERT EINSTEIN- The World As I See It



Author: Carlos Ayala

Writer, Philosophy, Non Fiction, Fiction, Fan Fiction. Screenplay

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