The Mental Insanity of Race Mythology

By Eddie Chan & Carlos Ayala



By Carlos Ayala

As an intellectual, one will come across these pseudo intellects from time to time. These people are quite easy to spot for most minds capable of critical thought.

You know these types. Those that spout off hateful rhetoric backed by crypto-mythology devoted to the most trivial trait one could have; the color of one’s skin. Most of these people base all of their thought on the notion that their race is superior to another. In the United States and nations like it, once thrived on the slavery of Black Africans and the slaughter of native people to the lands.As slavery was outlawed, Brutal and sickening measures were taken against the freed slav


es to keep them docile and unfruitful. This continued well into 1970’s at the sacrifice of many to assure that Africans in America would receive the rights granted to them under the constitution. To no success might I add, because those of you who know history know what followed next. Hard drugs were used to disrupt many Black organizations from helping their communities gain power over their destinies in the the United States. Over time things have changed. Segregation is illegal, discrimination is illegal, terms of intimidation towards another race is illegal and all punishable under strict federal guidelines. But to some, these strides in progress to a nation becoming unified is not enough. Some feel threatened due to their statist indoctrinated nature, which include fear being asserted is what prompts white working class to feel defensive as if their security is threatened. This is due to propagandists who believe in racial mythologies trying to sway already overworked, stressed and frustrated working class whites to their agenda. This would lead to an assured vote or financial support.  Some people out there want to wage war. On one hand, you have redneck hillbillies easily scared by the mention of gun control and the threat of financial and social hardships from which they are already familiar with in the working class, we see how the rich elite formed the Tea Party to do just that. Now let’s talk far right extreme. Nazi’s. Some who devote themselves to the racial mythology of the “Aryan Race” which does NOT exist and is a mere wive’s tale made up by the Nazi’s propaganda department. (See Nazi beliefs according to Atlantis) On the other hand, you have the fascist backed Black Nationalist movements and the Communist movements. The Black Nationalist Movement widely known or associated with “Nation Of Islam, The New Black Panther Party) base their beliefs in wild assumptions based upon the race mythology written by the likes of Fard Mohammed or Elijah Muhammed. Who both believed that the black man is superior and that the white race was a scientific experiment gone awry at the hands of “Yacub” … Yes, and their sole belief is that the white race is a race of devils incapable of good and destined to pure evil, citing the history long book of white Nations built on the blood of the conquered. Oh and the Jews too..they hate fact so much. That Malcolm X even had built a friendship with the American Nazi Party as did the rest of the Nation of Islam. The white Aryan super race myth is based on Hitler’s perception of the story of the lost Island of Atlantis.  What’s the point I am making here? This dangerous ideology that one’s race is superior to another leads the grounds to bloodshed. And for today’s NEO Nazi’s and Black Nationalists … that’s ok with them. Despite the fact that no Black Nationalist group has been successful in fulfilling violent threats, they rely merely on propaganda to push agendas. Never mind the fact that just like widely organized religion, the beliefs are not based on any solid facts. But out of all people to have a reason to engage in racial warfare…black people have every right, thus the need for mythology in the black’s struggle for human rights and equality is needed to an extent because if the lack of access to true black history. However, blacks ruled Egypt for 100 years,  but this has no signifigance to myth because it is fact. The rest of their claims that have to do with placing the white man as civilizations antagonist are not without reason, but ultimately fail logic.And any facts used to plead the case for either side, are purely circumstantial and ill founded. As the White Supremacists argue, black people are not human beings…no scientific fact could ever prove that to being even arguably true. Black Nationalists say the same for the whites , they are devils incapable of doing anything but evil. This too can be easily rebuked because it simply not true. Just like religion, a wonderful or sometimes ghastly macabre tale..becomes reality. But why? Well, Because of things that happen to people. The world is a big nasty place, and for us people who don’t believe in violence…or superiority…it’s one big ball of shit. Some people experience racism, or some form of social insecurity. Then one day, some asshole comes along and plays on their insecurities, and frustrations. They cite many quotes, they provide you with the trumped up “truth” (as long as it fits their agenda) they used the truth as a weapon to get you in line. They tell you what you want to hear, they ask you for contributions. They basically take over your life . And by the time you realize you have been had….it’s too late. The damage is done.


By Eddie Chan

Second part of this blog, I was doing a little personal research regarding racial mythology, I came across this page. It was quite a read, and I wasn’t sure if this person was serious or trolling. Unfortunately …. this person was very serious. And I decided to give some answers …

From Diary Of A Negress.

When White Privilege is No Longer Enough: A Simple Message to White People

What can I possibly say to you that hasn’t already been said?

Well, I suppose you could say whatever until the cows came home.

I won’t waste my time with a long drawn out post because we both know that:

A. You won’t listen

Not true at all, I took the time out to read most of your blog. Projecting reactions is something an insecure person would do.

B. You don’t care

Again, you have projected wrong. I care about all people. If I didn’t care I wouldn’t be writing this in response.

C. It’s too late to change anything

You could never have been more wrong about anything in your life. You sound like you let your emotions do your thinking for you. It is never too late to evolve as people. Who are you to say that in 100 years, the world could not be a utopia? If you present q close minded front, how do you expect to make progress…not every white person hates black people and wishes to see their demise. I believe that is a very small group…granted that small group tends to wield most of the power…but it does not mean that can never change. Clearly, you are not much of an optimist.


I know you read my blog. Some of you even write me letters. I speak to you almost daily (you are ALWAYS the instigator). I watch you. I study you. I listen to your conversations when you think I’m not paying attention. I can now hear your thoughts.

Well, that’s just plain bat shit crazy, you expect me to believe that? How is telepathy even possible on the internet??? Don’t you have to have a physical connection at first to achieve telepathic communication with other minds?

( Your Chemtrails, you know…the plane that flies over my farming town… made me sick for awhile with terrible headaches. Then, one night, I had a severe nosebleed. After I recovered, my telepathy got stronger. Your plan backfired. My one good friend went to the ER with the poison milk you feed her in the low-income area she lives in. Now, she told me she can “see” a person’s aura…but I digress)

Oh wow, you have some serious issue with reality. So you’re a superhero? Is this just some silly premise to a comic book?

You’re scared.

Only, because I know many people are stupid enough to believe you.

And you should be.

Not really, stupid people never get very far. First hint at car trouble and it’s game over for awhile.

Your race has completely obliterated everything that Nature stands for and now, finally, you are getting payback for your crimes against huemanity.

Not much for spelling, but ok… you are wrong about everything you just said. First off, whites are not even the majority population. So to have done what you are claiming is impossible. Payback? I wonder who gives to payback to the tribe that slaughtered over a million people in the Rwandan genocide?

2016 will begin like this for you…

  1. Food prices will spike but you get less food stamps (yes, I’m aware you use them more than black people)– Already happening.
  2. Gas will go up–Been happening for quite some time now.
  3. You’ll get laid off from the low paying job you have. –Been happening for past 30 years. And this effects just as many blacks and others as it does whites.
  4. Interest rates will spike- In what exactly? what interest rates and where? you mean Obamacare??So you’re blaming Obama’s white side for that?
  5. You’ll lose your homes at rapid speed– hah! too late for that one as well!! I hope the speed is faster than your economics.
  6. Your diminished credit score will inhibit you from renting an apartment- What? How does that effect white people in general?
  7. Your wife/ husband will become sick and you won’t be able to pay the bills- Well that’s rather rude. You’re quite a cunty broad aren’t ya?
  8. Your car will give out-Smart enough to fix mine.
  9. Your beloved dog will die- Don’t have a dog..or any pets…you weirdo 
  10. Your spouse will die and the life insurance you have won’t cover all of it- You are a sick evil person. This is just childish.
  11. Your son/daughter will become addicted to drugs/ pills-Really? before or after the Lil Wayne concert?
  12. You’ll need medication for anxiety/ depression but won’t be able to afford it- Impossible with medicaid.
  13. Hamburger Helper, Vienna Sausages, Ramen Noodles and water will be your steadfast diet. – And what’s yours? Dicks and nuts?
  14. You’ll develop diabetes- Who won’t?
  15. You’ll have a heart attack and need a coronary bypass graft- yea pretty much so will everyone else.
  16. Your insurance won’t cover the cost- it never does idiot.
  17. You’ll watch as over 10,000 immigrants enter the U.S. and take jobs away from you. -That’s been happening since the 1940’s…good one.
  18. You won’t be able to find ANY job-Who needs to find one? just create one.
  19. The army will reject your son/ daughter for being too fat and covered with tattoos- Plenty of fat army jerks with tatoos
  20. You’ll sell all your furniture/ clothes on Craigslist just to make ends meet: who uses Craigslist anymore?
  21. Black people will begin to REJECT your false friendship-Oh puleeeze.
  22. Your European cousins will want nothing to do with you- My cousins are European?? I thought I was Asian…
  23. Your small businesses will fail- Yea and yours is going so great.
  24. Another false flag will hit you like no other- you’re funny
  25. Martial Law will take effect- You have seen too many youtube videos.
  26. The same white government that protected you will take away your beloved guns- Yea sure, with an executive order!! hahahahahahahahahahaha
  27. Desperation will set in as you realize your skin colour no longer matters-I never thought it did to bein with but ok.
  28. Fear will set in as you realize you are all alone- No, Im quite good. 2016 Has been a great start! I even started this blog!!

Then you’ll begin to commit suicide.-Not likely.


Sounds dire, doesn’t it?

Sounds like you got issues.


But this tiny fragment of what’s to come is just the tip of the iceberg for you. Your pain and suffering has not yet begun.

Well, your blog was close. 

So what is to become of the most illustrious, intelligent, logical race on earth?


Well, Most certainly won’t be wasting time with your rhetoric. I proved my point and then some!!



You are easily the most racist person online I have encountered

Author: Carlos Ayala

Writer, Philosophy, Non Fiction, Fiction, Fan Fiction. Screenplay

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